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Tony Brink

Etta Vita – herbal supplements to fuel your body and maximize your potential

To connect mind and body through vitality by offering the most effective herbal supplements, Tony Brink founded Etta Vita, a company that provides herbal products for adults looking to elevate their wellness.

Brink now manages and owns Etta Vita, eight years after he had a traumatic brain injury that nearly took his life and left him with what was supposed to be irreversible brain damage and impairments.  Despite the doctor’s expectations, he made a miraculous recovery to full health, learning to walk, talk, see, and operate at full capacity.  Not only did he recover to optimal health, but has more endurance and agility than ever before. 

In the year 2022, Tony scanned his brain to determine if there was any remaining damage, and then he devised a combination of treatments to heal the ‘permanent’ harm that had been caused to his brain eight years earlier. Today, there is no longer a danger of his brain developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) or deteriorating prematurely. He defied the odds that the specialists had given him and implemented health strategies to himself with unyielding determination. As a founder of Etta Vita, he says that this is how he treats his business and the supplements they release– failure is not an option, and vitality is inevitable. 

Tony has always intended to focus on adult wellness and anti-aging, which has a lot to do with detoxification, cleansing, and maintaining hormonal balance ever since he started enterprises related to health and wellness.  Etta Vita, an herbal and naturopathic supplement business, came into being as a result. The company’s primary goal is to assist individuals in revitalizing their bodies so that they can live younger and longer lives. Because of the traumatic brain injury that Tony suffered and the things he went through while he was recovering, the core of the brand has been developing within the founder himself. In recent years, everything came to fruition directly from his laborious efforts and sheer determination.

As the creator of Etta Vita, Brink puts all of the company’s products through extensive testing and evaluation both in the lab and himself. He also undergoes routine blood work to keep track of his panels and biomarkers following new supplementation adjustments. This enables him to see and experience the benefits, assure no reactions, and become the first true testimonial of new products.   Etta Vita’s foundation stresses that businesses should believe in what they are selling, and they should be willing to use the products themselves or given to their loved ones. In contrast to other companies, Etta Vita ensures that they give their formulations the time and attention they need by conducting extensive testing. Etta Vita conducts various analyses in a US laboratory that is third-party ISO-certified.

Many of the customers are people who are aware of the fact that as we get older, our hormones and bodies begin to slow down. These customers want to modify their own lives and improve their outlook for the future. A life full of vigor can affect a life of happiness and wellbeing. Some customers are not in denial of this and are looking for an health-forward option, yet still need guidance about where to start and require a reliable place to begin. Because of this, it is essential to have Etta Vita as it guarantees to provide them with quality product, or your money back, no questions asked. That is how confident they are in their offering.

To source the highest-grade materials for its supplements, Etta Vita has to sample and lab-test five to ten suppliers per material to find the most potent and pure option available. The testing of each sample costs a significant amount of money, and they are proud that the truthful company makes a substantial financial investment in ensuring the potency and effectiveness of their products. They test each SKU multiple times to ensure that the results are consistent, batch after batch.

To learn more & purchase Etta Vita’s  product viste https://ettavita.com/ 

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